Ko, Seung-hyun


Ko, Seung-hyun

I want to be a part of the nature and do my best to do so.

I feel the nature in itself is in a perfect state without any addition and without subtraction.

As an old poet did, I think about what I will do for the Nature.

Breathing in the nature is my pray and staying there is my faith. I want to follow the natures providence and reasonableness rather then to apply my ideas to the nature.

The nature surely absorbs what I did to time and space without effort.

I enjoy to connect my body to lines drawn by nature. A spiders web with bright dewdrops at daybreak, lots of crabs and clams on the beach, worm eaten leaves, and green moss between the small rocks lines in the gap of large stones, the roots of an old tree, grazing cows, and the pure elements of the nature such as wind, water, or soil are my working tools and subjects.