An acquaintance


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"An acquaintance"

          "An acquaintance" is a collaboration project with more than 200 girls aged 11 to 14 years old and their teacher Tara Goudarzi. They made different masks with recycle fibers, cloths and beads. These masks are using for rice cooking which are locally called "Takale" in Khorram Abad, Iran. Students have made these with the help of a mom or a grandma at home.
          Lorestan, is an old land where has the first habitants in history. They are used to recycle. Also needlework and patchwork are very common as a traditional recycle.
          In this work the round shape is picked as a symbol of a human head to show the existence of the creator and creativity of the artist.
          All students optionally have taken part in this project. Their masks have characters that they are either their families, friends or neighbors and sometimes themselves. This project is a performance which presents by video art or photo art.