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Work of Mary Ellen Long
The artists involved were Shoushtar, Shahrnaz Zarkash and Tara Goudarzi.
2December 2010 , In Shoushtar, Khozestan
The 30th Environmental Art festival

I recently collaborated with three Iranian land artists to make an "Offering" for peace at the 30th Environmental Art Festival in Iran. This collaboration was arranged by Raheleh Zomorodinia who exhibited her environmental art through photographs at the Open Shutter Gallery in Durango last year. My Offering series is exhibited in photographs of floating handmade paper circles on bodies of water all over the world. The artists involved were Shoushtar, Tara Goudarzi, and Shahrnaz Zarkash. This collaboration is posted on WEAD (Women's Environmental Art Directory online) under Raheleh Zomorodinia. I also have a few images on that site.