Collaborative art

I am an art teacher. Recently, I have been doing some collaborative art works with my students which are mostly environmentally. In the beginning, I research about social and tradition of local students and find out about the materials that they could work with and afterward I plan for a project which usually takes about several days or sometimes months. Finally, I present them as a performance or an installation. Mostly, materials are useless objects or recycle.



It was black at first
just like a death of a tree
and I was covered (dressed) in white
Just like when I was born
By the vastness (eternity) of the beach
The purity of my being experienced the blood of the earth


When I look at the mirror I don't see me. It looks like a stranger and I am terrified of this face. By hiding my face behind the mask I feel so close to me and feel more comfortable. However, always hiding behind the mask doesn't have the same feeling rather horror. I guess, it maybe a feminine common sense!
My masks are either horror or pretty and each has a different concept itself.
Most of my masks are from surroundings either a house or a natural environment where I like to experience in.

The Call

If I were supposed to put a human symbol in my works, that symbol would be the shape of the hand.
A hand with open fingers, so it would call the humanity.
The Hand is the symbol of familiarity. Even the primitive man had left this symbol on the caves as a relic for us.

Playing with fire

In my Iranian culture fire is a symbol of light and purifying. To kindle a fire from my childhood has always been a joy until now and I have learnt that how I could control such a rebellious creature.
My body is placed in the middle of fire to be a sign of my searching for purity.

Water playing

I’m doubtful between my existent or non-existent.Sometimes I am because I can change routine progresses.

Sometimes I am not and progresses pass on me, like a tiny stone in the huge river way or a small rock at the seaside.


The fairy tales are a part of literature in most of the world that some of the features are common between the fairies from all around the world. The fairy has been alive in Iranian mind, thinking and history. From Avesta to the popular stories; the name of the fairy has been repeated again and again. And in contrast to the evil face of the fairy in Zoroastrianism, fairy in the Persian literature is the symbol of beauty and in the popular culture; fairy is a legendary and beautiful creature that is vanished from human eyes.
And I revealed the fairy with her hair which was borrowed from nature; as all around the world the beautiful creature has to have beautiful hair.


This project addresses the Noroz that is the most important event in Iran. In this event people celebrate the New Year and they make a table of seven objects start with "S" which each is symbolic. "Sabzeh" is one of them that has the meaning of life and happiness and if you have it for Noroz you will have happiness for whole year. It is either a plant or a seed. It is habitually kept for 13 days of Noroz.
The growing of seeds is an accomplishment for them and I express my desire which is humanity by growing seeds.

Curl Up

Crumpling and being crumpled in the environment is a kind of research for me. I’m searching to find an answer for my questions. Who am I? And where do I belong to?
When I crumpled up in a small place, I see myself a bit of a great creation.
While I’m crumpling, I have a familiar sense; like I experience my embryo period again.


Like the sleep

In the performance of” like the sleep” in the different environments, I leave myself alone with death for few minutes. And I prepare myself for it. When my body will be relax somewhere in the nature; it’s like I’m not alone and I’m a bit from a great world. Maybe it could be said that death is a deep sleep; and the sleep is the light death (with notification to the no.42, Alzomar, from Quran). Sometimes I put a coffin with flower motifs on myself to show how much this sleep is beauty.

Amid the past

The curiosity and playfulness forced me to pay a short visit to everywhere.
To be in some of these places or times ; I was born too late; it’s a pleasure that I can take my imagination to these places or stand near their remains and conceive myself at that age.
Sometime being at that age is playing the role of other ones and playing is always nice.

Other art works

In the "Chador ", I put on my veil since we have always been together, ever since I was 9, Sometimes out of divine love and sometimes out of hatred.